There’s only one all-female hard rock band from the 80’s who:

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  • Sold over a million albums
  • Had SIX #1 videos on MTV
  • Had four songs in the Billboard’s TOP 100

In 1987 EMI Records decided to roll the dice with Vixen, despite all the stereotypes regarding bands fronted by chicks, and they were initiated into the male dominates club of hard rock. EMI released their self-named debut album “Vixen” featuring the groups’ first hit “edge of a Broken Heart.”

Piling on more hits the band charted Billboard with the ballads “Crying” at #22 and “Love Made Me” at #36. The road called, opening for Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Eddie Money and many others. Vixen had firmly distinguished themselves as a premiere rock act to be taken seriously.

With the pistons still popping, Vixen released their second album, Rev it Up was a success with “How Much Love” as the prized single performance on The Arsenio Hall Show. The group Vixen-ized their fans on worldwide tours with heavyweights KISS and the Scorpions, which fueled the International frenzy.

After breaking up in 1992, and suffering the loss of founding member and lead guitar player (Jan Kuehnemund) in 2013 Vixen realized the band belonged to the fan and have carried on the Vixen legacy since 2013. Rocking theaters, casinos and major festivals in every nook and cranny of the USA, Canada & Spain.

Local Band - BLACK GTO

Alternative Rock Band- BLACK GTO serves up an intoxicating brew of hard rock flavors , classic metal and modern heaviness. Talented fingers blaze across guitar and Bass strings as impassioned vocals edge across this hot sonic soundscape. A mix of old and new, classic meets today in a musical style that dodges easy genre labeling and is happy and excited to simply be energetic, entertaining metal.
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